Timberland PRO Anti-Fatigue Technology Insole

Timberland 91621

Product Details:

Style: 91621

MFG: Timberland

Gender: Mens

Description :We're offering our Timberland PRO insoles to consumers for the first time - and it's been worth the wait. We design our Timberland PRO footwear to handle the specific conditions and environment of your job, and these insoles offer a carefully engineered upgrade in both performance and comfort. The Anti-Fatigue Technology Insole features our exclusive inverted cone foam, designed to absorb shock and return energy to your feet with every step, decrease fatigue and keep you going during long hours at the worksite.

Sizing: XSM fits women's shoe size 5/6, S fits women's size 7/8 and men's size 6/7, MED fits women's size 9/10 and men's size 8/9, LRG fits women's size 11/12 and men's size 10/11, XLG fits men's size 12/13, XXL fits men's size 14/15

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