Bulwark Universal Fit Snap-On Insulated Hood - Nomex IIIA

Bulwark HNH2NV

Product Details:

Style: HNH2NV

MFG: Bulwark
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Gender: Mens

Description :Hook-and-loop closure at front neck › Drawstring around face opening › Sized to fit over hard hat › Snaps to all insulated coats and jackets, sold separately Fabric › Flame-resistant,6 oz. Water-repellant Nomex® IIIA (93% Nomex® Aramid / 5% Kevlar® Aramid / 2% Other Fiber). Insulation: Flame-resistant 14.2 oz. quilted Nomex® with wind and moisture barrier . Care › Home Wash and Light Soil Wash Protection › Arc Rating EBT 62.0 calories/cm² HRC 4

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Price: $58.00